About Thrive

How did Thrive Argan Oil™ start?

Thrive Argan Oil™ started when my wife and I traveled to Morocco and visited a women’s agricultural cooperative. We were inspired by the determination and resilience of these women who were working hard to make a living in a challenging industry. To support their efforts, I decided to start Thrive Argan Oil™ as a Fair Trade Plus™ business, which means practicing Fair Trade principles from the beginning and sharing a portion of future sales with the cooperative. This approach ensures that these women have a sustainable business and equitable business relationships.

Cooperative Marjana

Cooperative Marjana was created to improve the socioeconomic development of rural women. The majority of the women who work at the cooperative are divorced or widowed and are looking for a way to support their families. Some even live on-site. I love the message of empowering women!

This agricultural women’s cooperative began in 2005 and has been very successful. It is owned by 85 or more women aged 20-85 years old. Even a 100+ year old woman still owns shares and has recently stopped working. Women own 100% of the shares in the company as well as the profits.

The storefront of Cooperative Marjana in Morocco.

In many countries, like Morocco, men generally control the money and property. Therefore, when a woman is widowed or her husband divorces her, it can become extremely difficult for her to support herself and her children.


This women’s cooperative produces 100% pure, certified organic, fair trade Argan Oil in Morocco, where all the world’s Argan Oil comes from. This is a premium-grade product and the highest quality Argan Oil you can buy anywhere in the world.